People Vs. The Stars is Highly Entertaining and Mind-Boggling

We got a chance to visit the set of GMA Network’s game show People Vs. The Stars, and like what we see on TV, it is as fun and makes easy questions confusing.

And here are our thoughts about the show:


First, a game show wouldn’t work if you have a boring host or hosts, it wouldn’t be engaging if you see the hosts not enjoying their work.

Real-life couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania who are not new to hosting certainly are the best choices for GMA’s Sunday game show. Not only that their rapport works well for the show, their charms are just undeniable, you could say #CoupleGoals.


Every week different artists grouped in 3, play the game. As far as the episodes I’ve watched, there was no boring portion of the show, ever. This is because of how the hosts drive the show, but also a big factor are the guests.

The show’s players when we visited were Kris Bernal, the star of the upcoming Afternoon Prime series Impostora, Ryza Cenon, the villain in the highest-rating afternoon show Ika-6 na Utos and the very funny and mainstay of Dear Uge, Divine Aucina.

Obviously, as the show has Divine, things get to be riotous at times, but that’s one of the best part of the show. The spontaneity of its guests and hosts are tested from start to finish, how game these people are to make the show better, the more entertaining it is for the audience, whether on set or watching on their TVs at home.


GMA Network has been experimenting with original game shows for years now, from Videoke (K! The 1 Million Peso Videoke Challenge), to allowing its players to be helped or fooled in Celebrity Bluff which is to return soon!

Here, the stars are asked questions from categories they chose with respective cash values. If they answered the questions correctly, they get the prize, of course. If not, the cash prize will be given to the people, which are the home viewers. Some of the audience can also win cash prizes if chosen and can answer the question of the hosts.

It’s simple, actually. But the questions are tricky, that you may think it’s harder that it seems you get to be confused. Not just that, not being alone to answer the questions can either help or distract you on your answers.

Quiz shows are very fun to watch, whether you’re on the set or at home, because you will always end up trying to figure out the answer to every question. And with the additional side shows of the players in People Versus the Stars, it makes the show more entertaining than your usual game show.

People Versus the Stars airs Sundays afternoon on GMA Network.

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