“All-Star Videoke” Got Blessings from Original “All-Star K” Hosts

Filipinos are fans of karaoke and when a game show premiered last January 2002 on GMA Network, it was well-received by the audience that the show lasted for seven years.

“All-Star K! The 1 Million Peso Videoke Challenge” 


Who would have forget that show and those lines?

Hosted by Allan K which eventually was joined by the Queen of Souls Jaya, All-Star K! became a household name. But all good things must end.

Almost eight (8) years have past, a new but still recognizable title relaunches in GMA Network. All-Star Videoke to be hosted by Betong Sumaya and Solenn Heussaff.

All Star Videoke Logo

But what can the original hosts (Allan K, Jaya) say about the relaunch of their show? Betong Sumaya states that he and Solenn Heussaff got the blessings of both hosts, congratulating them on being the hosts of this generation’s All Star K!

Watch Betong tells the story of how Allan K and Jaya gave their blessings:

Here’s a screenshot of the exchange of messages on Instagram of Betong and Jaya:


“All-Star Videoke” airs Sunday nights after 24 Oras Weekend on GMA Network.

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