Marian Rivera Continues to Tell Inspiring Stories in ‘Tadhana 2020’

From OFW stories, the weekly afternoon anthology series Tadhana expands as it now feature stories from Filipinos abroad and here in the Philippines with Tadhana 2020.

The anthology series known for its inspiring success stories of Filipinos outside the Philippines will also be featuring narratives set in the Philippines. But what still remains is that the stories will still be inspirational, real success stories from based on real people.

When it comes to success stories, Marian can compare her experience in having her own business which is her flower shop named “Flora Vida.”

How about another DongYan episode for Tadhana? The two are interested but they need to choose the story and for Marian, she hopes that next time, she will be co-acting with her husband Dingdong Dantes and not just being directed by him.

The February 8, 2020 episode of Tadhana 2020 is interesting, a poor woman who lost her husband to another woman because of money but gets to win in a lottery after being dumped. The episode features Maricar de Mesa, Adrian Alandy and Ms. Sunshine Dizon.

3 thoughts on “Marian Rivera Continues to Tell Inspiring Stories in ‘Tadhana 2020’

  1. Aveline Suazo

    Dear Madam Marian Rivera Dantes: I am sharing to you the story of my daughter Mary Irene Ramirez Suazo from Purok Neptune, Telaje, Tandag City, Surigao del Sur. She is an OFW a domestic helper in Malaysia for 2 years contract. First one week her employer is very good, they give her food to eat after that no more. Her phone was taken by them and change the sim card and with their password so in short i can’t use because i can’t open. Mam we are interested to tell all.


  2. Hi Marian, I am your solid fans in tadhana and other of your Chanel’s program.I am an ofw since 1997 until at the present in different countries.I am willing to share My experience as an ofw in real just wanted to know where can I send it?may I have your email address plz,kindly send me your email account to send you my ofw story ..I’m waiting for your reply.thank u & have a good day always..from: Gemini in UAE


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