“Parokya Bente Dos: A Laugh Story” Review: A Must-See Musical

Let’s get things straight, Bubble Gang’s Parokya Bente Dos: A Laugh Story Musical should be adapted to the big screen.

BG Parokya 22

Now on their 22nd year, late night gag show Bubble Gang prepared something different for the audience. A musical based on the songs of the popular local band, Parokya ni Edgar. Michael V is named Bitoy as the lead male character, while Kim Domingo is named Birdie, the stupid for love lead female character. You can now think of numerous jokes because of their names, and yes the musical knows how to use them.

This may not be seen on TV but Parokya Bente Dos works not just because of the familiar but well-written story, it works mostly because of the teamwork everyone has put in. I personally saw Jak Roberto, Mikael Daez and Diego carry big props to the stage, you can also feel some improvisations from the cast which looked normal because they know each other very well.

Personal favorite of course is Michael V. But scene stealers are Betong Sumaya which imitates Pilita Corales while singing and then there’s Mikoy Morales who is a damn good stage actor, throwing lines like a pro. I didn’t even recognize him at first! Kim Domingo is cute and charming with her band of sisters Chariz Solomon and Denise Barbacena. Paolo Contis is still effective as a bad boy even if he’s now doing good guy roles on his series.

But this is an ensemble, and everyone obviously worked their best to make sure theiy’re providing the audience the most entertaining musical on TV. And they did.

Parokya Bente Dos: A Laugh Story is a must-see musical. It’s fun, you can feel the energy of the cast from start to finish. The use of Parokya ni Edgar songs is ingenious. There are no boring moments, no mistakes (hardly noticeable if there were any) and everything was presented well.

You can watch the Parokya Bente Dos: A Laugh Story on GMA on November 17 (Part 1) and November 24 (Part 2) after GMA Telebabad.

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