Coney Reyes Grateful to GMA Network for Being Part of ‘Love of My Life’ Series

Coney Reyes happily returns to GMA Telebabad with the family drama Love of My Life. 

The veteran drama actress is thankful to the Kapuso Network for including her in the cast of yet another heartwarming story that tackles not just conflicts of a family but also the real issues surrounding them.

“It’s such a high for me to do something different each time and I’m grateful to GMA for offering me this project. It’s going to be something different. It’s not just an ordinary story about an ordinary love affair, it’s about family. Family relationships, paano na ‘yunng mag-ina, mag-asawa, mag-boyfriend, mag-biyenan, mag-manugang, lahat ng klase. Kasi dito walang kontrabida,” Coney Reyes shares.

Coney Reyes Love of My Life

Love of My Life

Love of my Life is topbilled by one of the industry’s highly-acclaimed actresses Ms. Coney Reyes as Isabella Gonzales; sought-after and multitalented actress-model Rhian Ramos as Kelly Generoso; and beautiful and award-winning actress Carla Abellana as Adelle Nisperos. Joining them are hunk actor-model Mikael Daez as Nikolai Gonzales and versatile actor Tom Rodriguez as Stefano Gonzales in a very special role.

Playing vital roles are Anna Marin as Siony, Adelle’s doting and supportive mother; Vaness del Moral as Joyce, Adelle’s strict but supportive friend who also helps run her handicraft business; Geleen Eugenio as Manang Eden, the Gonzales’ family cook and a warm-hearted spinster; Samantha Lopez as Janice, Isabella’s fashionable and loyal personal assistant; Maey Bautista as Cha-mae, Adelle’s humorous and kikay friend who works in her handicraft business; Ethan Hariot as Gideon, Kelly’s charming son from Stefano whom he abandoned; Raphael Landicho as Andrei, Adelle’s adorable son from her ex-boyfriend; Levi Ignacio as Mang Arsing, the Gonzales’ trusted driver who is also a close friend of Isabella’s sons; Carl Guevarra as Kiel, close confidante and business partner of Stefano, Dino Pastrano as Elmer, Adelle’s loving brother who manages their family farm; and with the special participation of Johnny Revilla.

Love of My Life premieres February 3, 2020 on GMA Telebabad after The Gift.

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