Magpakailanman Presents a Touching Story of Unwavering Strength & Endurance

This Saturday (March 18), GMA’s award-winning drama anthology, Magpakailanman, will showcase the inspiring story of Erwin Dayrit, a person living with an incurable genetic disease which makes the bones extremely fragile and brittle.

Two months after his first birthday, one of Erwin’s legs mysteriously broke. His family was baffled as to how this happened when he had only started walking. Weeks later, his other leg broke. Erwin’s family brought him to see several doctors but no one could tell them what exactly the young boy’s condition is. They noticed that Erwin’s legs never healed and hung limp. More mysterious broken bones transpired from Erwin’s body, and one doctor predicted that he would only live up to 7 years old.

He was only a year old when they found out from the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital that Erwin had Osteogenesis Imperfecta, an inborn disease which causes the bones to slowly deteriorate until the person can no longer support his own body.

But by God’s grace and the support of his loving family, he defied all odds and lived past that. Erwin stayed strong and positive all throughout. He insisted on attending school and finishing college despite his condition.  His hobby was painting and drawing but since they could not afford the supplies he needed, he made use of ballpens. His family was amazed at how good and professional-looking his ballpoint pen drawings turned out.

It was not long until he was able to sell some of his creations in different exhibitions. Everyone who met him was surprised and inspired that someone like him was the artist behind remarkable works of art. His drawings went viral on social media and soon enough, he was gaining recognition and granted awards.

Under the direction by Gil Tejada Jr, Magpakailanman’s episode entitled “Abot Kamay ang Pangarap: The Erwin Dayrit Story” stars Gary Estrada as Romeo, Ana Capri as Eliza, Aicelle Santos as Judith, David Remo as young Erwin, Jazz Ocampo as Helen, Rob Moya as Ryan, Liezl Lopez as Mindy, Sofia Pablo as young Judith, Lance Serrano as Roy, and with the special participation of Erwin Dayrit as himself.

DG_MPK031817_1X-POSTER (2)

Don’t miss this heart-warming story on Magpakailanman this Saturday after Pepito Manaloto on GMA.

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