Angel Locsin Gives Up Darna Role, Upcoming Projects Announced

Monday, March 20, 2017, ABS-CBN, Star Cinema and Angel Locsin have confirmed that the actress won’t or can’t play the role of the iconic Filipino super heroine “Darna” anymore.

Here’s the full statement on Star Cinema’s Instagram post:

ABS-CBN, Star Cinema and Angel Locsin have mutually arrived at a final decision that she will no longer pursue the “Darna” movie due to her medical condition.

We gave Angel our full support during and after her treatment in hopes that she would portray the iconic Filipino heroine. Because of Angel’s passion and dedication, she resumed training for the movie after undergoing surgery and therapy for the disc bulge in her spine. Unfortunately, Angel experienced back pain twice during training, prompting her doctor to advise not to participate in strenuous activities to avoid permanent damage on her spine.

We would have love to see Angel fly again as Darna and take our hats off to her for the gargantuan efforts she has put in for the project.

We wish her well as she will begin working on other projects, like a special role in “La Luna Sangre” with John Lloyd Cruz, a movie with James Reid, a movie with Coco Martin and a teleserye.

Kane Errol Choa
Head, ABS-CBN Corporate Communications

The question now is who will replace Angel Locsin as the Filipino super heroine. Tons of Kapamilya actresses are now hopeful of getting the coveted role as this won’t just be another Star Cinema film, this will be directed by no other than Erik Matti whose recent works include award-winning films like Honor Thy Father, Seklusyon and the action series The Aswang Chronicles starring Dingdong Dantes.

Who do you think deserves the role to shout Darna! and transform into the iconic super heroine?

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