Imee’s last hurrah for 2022: gift-giving galore

SENATOR Imee Marcos closes 2022 with two brand new vlogs streaming for free on her official YouTube channel.

With almost 500K subscribers since she returned to active vlogging last January 2022, Sen Imee’s YouTube channel has been a steady source of lighthearted fun and heartwarming content, making her one of the most watched politician-vloggers in the country today.

On December 30 (Friday), Imee obliges one of the most persistent requests of her solid Imeenatics as she bonds with them while candidly answering the questions of her Instagram followers ranging from the downright hilarious and crazy to more serious topics of both love and life.

On New Year’s Eve, December 31, the hard-working Senator stays true to her core as she vlogs about her holiday gift-giving events at the Philippine Heart Center and Correctional Institute For Women.

On this special year-ender vlog, Imee gave away gifts to the Heart Warriors of the Philippine Heart Center as well as the inmates of the correctional facility.

The Senator also inspected the facilities of Correctional to see how she can help in terms of requesting additional budget for the maintenance and upkeep of the institution and in the rehabilitation of the female inmates.

Join Imee in her year-ender vlogs and subscribe to

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