Korina Sanchez celebrates the yearend with three shows on three networks

“Hahaha! Yes, I admit, it’s kinda crazy,” laughs veteran journalist and broadcaster Korina Sanchez-Roxas about having three shows in three  different platforms. “The last time I had three shows airing simultaneously was I in my early thirties – TV Patrol, Korina Today on ANC, and Morning Girls With Kris And Korina.” 

Korina celebrates the New Year with the best of Rated Korina showcasing their highest rating and most viewed stories of the year on people, travel, and events. “We took you around the Philippines, made you laugh and cry, and wowed you all over and over again,” says the producer-host. 

Korina also celebrates with wacky co-hosts Kakai Bautista, G3 San Diego, PatP Daza and Alex Calleja as they talk about their New Year Resolutions on TikTalks. “I super enjoy this show. I don’t even need to say anything hahaha, taga tawa na lang ako.” 

Meantime, Korina Interviews is raking in critical accolades for the polish, freshness, and content of her one-on-one conversations with known personalities. And its year-ender will show the best, unforgettable moments with each of the 12 episodes of its first season. ”I’ve always wanted to do this format and am so happy that people love it too. It’s never just an interview. It’s like a convo between friends over food, drinks, or mahjong, hahaha.” 

Why three shows in three different platforms? “Well, I’ve always wanted to do these formats. The opportunities just opened. I can. So why not? Happy 2023 every all,” says Korina.

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