‘Wag matakot sa delivery! Your Jollibee favorites now made #MasAffordelivery!

When cravings suddenly strike, there’s nothing like the convenience of having food delivered straight to your doorstep. But sometimes, this convenience comes at an extra cost—literally. Fear of high inclusive delivery fees and minimum order requirements make it harder to have food delivered for someone on a tight budget.

Luckily, Jollibee Delivery now offers customers a #MasAffordelivery experience! Now, everyone’s favorite langhap-sarap Jollibee favorites are same priced as dine-in, so customers can order their favorites guilt-free wherever they are. Whether a customer is ordering just for his or her own meal, or if they prefer to treat their friends and family, Jollibee Delivery has implemented a fixed delivery fee of P49, taking away the fear of having a high percentage of the total bill dedicated to just delivery fees. There’s also no need to keep adding orders beyond one’s need because there is no minimum order requirement for web and app orders.

In its newest video laced with fun and humor, Jollibee shows that the fear is real when it comes to the high cost for having your favorite meals delivered. But not anymore, with these new features – same as dine-in price, fixed delivery fee, and no minimum order requirement for web and app orders – treating oneself with some Jollibee Delivery won’t hurt the pocket, so there’s no reason to be afraid.

Customers can now have their favorites within reach, anytime, anywhere. Hump day pick-me-up at the office? A Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti meal can do the job. Celebrating a win with the team? Splurge and get everyone a Champ because you deserve it. Late movie nights with your loved ones? Order a Chickenjoy Bucket and a Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan! Do all these without fear because Jollibee Delivery is now made #MasAffordelivery.

Your langhap-sarap orders are also in safe hands with the Alagang Jollibee brand of service that guarantees compliance with strict health and safety protocols from the moment your orders are prepared in the kitchen until they reach your doorstep.

Jollibee Delivery now offers customers a #MasAffordelivery experience
Think having food delivered is more expensive? Your Jollibee favorites are now priced same as dine-in!
Now with a fixed delivery fee of P49, customers can order as many Jollibee favorites as they want without hurting their pockets
Just want a quick snack? There’s no minimum order requirement for Jollibee Delivery web and app orders.
Jollibee’s latest ad creatively brings to life the idea that there’s no need to fear Jollibee Delivery

Watch Jollibee’s newest video here and see why there’s no need to fear Jollibee Delivery! Have your Jollibee cravings delivered via the Jollibee App (available on both iOS and Android), JollibeeDelivery.com, or the #87000 hotline.

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