Pokwang is ‘Nanay Kontesera’ in her first-ever ‘Magpakailanman

It’s been weeks now since Marietta Subong or more popularly known as Pokwang has moved to the Kapuso Network. And while we mostly see her doing comedy shows, her talent in drama is undeniable. And to prove that to the audience, Pokwang will be featured in her first-ever Magpakailanman episode this Saturday, July 10.

At first glance, one would think that Helen has no problem. She is always cheerful and funny. 

But behind her smiles and laughter, she hides her real dilemmas in life.

Her eldest has been bedridden due to Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, and her husband has already given up his goal of working abroad for fear of being away from them.

So in order to pay for the lifetime medical care of her eldest son, and to support the education of her other child,  Helen has tried various legal rackets, sold everything that could be sold, and searched the whole town just to borrow money.

She was once invited to participate in a beauty contest for mothers, and since then, she has pursued a career in it. But not every contest has been easy, especially when at the same time, she is also questioning her own worth as a wife and as a mother.

This Saturday, July 10, watch Magpakailanman’s “NANAY KONTESERA”. 

Led by the new Kapuso Pokwang as Helen, this also features Boom Labrusca, Arya Mariano, Tart Carlos and Gold Aceron.

This is directed by Rechie Del Carmen, researched by Cynthia Delos Santos, and written by Benson Logronio.

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