New Pinoy Boys Love Series: ‘In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam)’

What if a past romance comes back? From Uncle Scott Global Productions, Unframed Media Film Production and Fringe Media Production, is a new Pinoy boys love (BL) series starring Miguel Villasis and Genesis Redido.

Watch the official trailer below:

‘In Betweent’ is about childhood friends Taurus and Otep. They’re inseperable ever since they’ve become friends. But as they grow together, Otep develops feelings for Taurus, he sees him as more than just a friend or a brother. One day, Otep confesses to Taurus and to his surprise, Taurus accepts his love but only if it is in secret. Otep’s happiness didn’t last that long as Taurus leaves him unexpectedly. Fate brought them back together after a year. But will their rekindled romance be enough this time?

The series is directed by Briliant Juan, who has a Cinemalaya movie Parole with Ricky Davao and Kent Gonzales. It was supposedly to be released this August but because of COVID-19, the film festival was canceled and was moved a year later.

The production admits that creating a BL series today is a challenge. With new BL contents popping locally and internationally. But with ‘In Between,’ the production team will try to come up with a different approach, a more grounded take on love between two young males and how they accept their sexuality and relationship in a society not as welcoming as they hoped.

Watch out for the episodes of ‘In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam) at the YouTube channel of USPHTV starting June 30, 8PM –

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