James Reid, Boy Abunda, Kean Cipriano Happy to be “Tax-Managed” by Tax Whiz Mon Abrea

Read or watched news about celebrities having tax evasion cases before? Well, King of Talk Boy Abunda, Multimedia Prince James Reid and Kean Cipriano won’t be part of those headlines as they are happy to be “tax-managed” by the Tax Whiz Mon Abrea.

But what about us who don’t have the knowledge, time and money to be personally tax-managed by experts? There’s an answer to that.

The Asian Consulting Group launched the latest publication under its name, “Iwas Buwis-It: What to Do When Tax Attacks” – a book inspired by the casual style of magazines and discusses the taxes a person is subjected to throughout their lives. The book covers a variety of common experiences such as career choices, starting a business, giving gifts, and many more. Iwas Buwis-It will also feature business tips from Potato Corner CEO Jose Magsaysay, Jr. and interviews with James Reid and Boy Abunda.

Iwas Buwis-It

“The goal of the book is to help people understand taxes – not the technical knowledge, just the understanding of why we’re taxed, how are we taxed and what kind of taxes we pay,” said ACG Founding Chairman Mon Abrea, “Iwas Buwis-It won’t be about how to file this return or pay that tax. The book is about life in general – your careers, your ideals, or even your business ideas.”

Check out our video coverage during the book launch which was held last July 29 at the ACG Tax Hub:

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