First-of-its-Kind International Job Hunting Mobile App “Sterna” Now Available in PH

Hoping to get a job overseas but everything from getting your requirements to applying to legitimate jobs. Thankfully, there’s a new and easier way to find jobs abroad.

Easy-to-access, the first international mobile app STERNA, developed by Bruno Paradis, is here to ease the recruitment method and move on from the “Old School” application. The app aims to connect people with the right people. Employers will have a faster way to connect with their desired employees. All they have to do is download the app and follow the instructions.

Link Asia Manpower Solutions, Corp’s Eric Corpuz, Sterna’s Bruno Paradis

STERNA accompanies you to international mobility! We provide you with support to prepare your competitive professional profile and we will make it known to companies that are in the search to fill their vacancies in different work sectors throughout the world, according to their interests.

Once we have captured the attention of foreign companies, get ready to receive requests for interviews with the basic working conditions of the vacancies and you will get a preview of all the details of the job offer where you will decide whether or not to accept for a job. Future interview With your acceptance, an interview will be scheduled with the company that requires you where you can publicize your professional skills and thus achieve the great opportunity to sign a work contract abroad.

You will count on us, where we will give you all the necessary support for your required legal process, such as: visas, work permits, etc., in order to formally take you to the country of destination to start your new job and we will always be in Contact you to support you in everything you need for your work process.

In the application, you can adjust various preferences, such as: in which country of destination you want or not to work, how to preview interesting offers according to your profile, you can give a “like” to recent vacancies and other great benefits which will allow your international mobility in the workplace.

Here are screenshots from the Sterna Mobile Application:

Sterna’s local partner is Eric Corpiz’s Link Asia Manpower Solutions, Corp. – a duly registered land-based recruitment agency in the Philippines. And with its expertise in sending various skilled workers around the world, its partnership with Sterna makes connecting employees and employers more convenient now.

But how about boosting Sterna’s local visibility? Sterna’s president Bruno Paradis would love to have Boxer turned Senator Manny Pacquiao to have them endorsed in the future.

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