Lauren Young Shares How ‘Evil’ Her Character is in Afternoon Soap “Contessa”

We’ve seen her do kontrabida roles in soap operas like Mundo Mo’y Akin and Legally Blind but for Lauren Young, no person is completely evil, everyone has good in them but playing the role of Daniela, the antagonist to Glaiza de Castro’s Contessa, Lauren explains that her goodness is very hidden.

Watch how she explains her character Daniela Imperial in the video below:

She defines her character as “not evil,” just self-centered, very entitled, a brat.

Now, I’ve seen the pilot episode of Contessa and I must say that her character really made me want to see more. While Glaiza de Castro really transformed from a strong and fighter of a woman from her past roles to a fragile and kind Bea Resureccion, a good series will only be good is the villain is effective. And what Lauren Young showed in the first episode is impressive.

“Contessa” starts airing on GMA’s Afternoon Prime on March 19 after Eat Bulaga, replacing Ika-6 na Utos.

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