A Bigger Pyoor Essentials for 2018 with Alvin Patrimonio as Brand Endorser

PYOOR ESSENTIALS INTERNATIONAL is a company founded by a seasoned businessman & renowned network marketing industry leader, banded with a power-house team of MLM movers, Cosmetic Scientist from University of Pennsylvania, Chemists, a passionate Formulator of Organic skin care products & an FMCG top executive as consultant.

They are engaged in marketing of certified organic skin care products, Kosher Certified ingredients of supplements and beverages. The Company pride’s itself on sourcing products that are Pure, Safe, Effective and maintain a steadfast commitment to ZERO TOLERANCE of all animal testing from our product line.

For a proper introduction and to know more about Pyoor Essential, watch the video below:

All natural, all organic, safe and effective, Pyoor Essentials products promise to be better and more consumer friendly budget-wise.

But to further explain how their products are, basketball legend Alvin Patrimonio, Pyoor Essentials brand ambassador for their Pyoor Boost explains the effects of the products first-hand, watch:

For more information, you can visit their website at http://www.pyooressentials.com.

 (+632) 477-3752 
Email: pyoorei@gmail.com

Main Office
Unit 1102 Galleria Corporate Center EDSA Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Philippines

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