James Reid celebrates his 30th birthday with the release of his summer single “So Fire”.

James Reid, the mastermind behind the sensational albums “Palm Dreams” and “lovescene:”, shares his highly awaited single destined to define the sound of the season. It’s a playful disco-pop track that weaves together upbeat funk elements with melodic retro synths. It’s about falling for a “new flame”, and how their energy is just like fire — it draws you in, entrancing and mesmerizing. It’s warm and comforting. It’s also a little bit dangerous, but you can’t keep yourself away.

Building on his reputation for fearlessly baring his soul through his music, James embarks on an extraordinary musical journey that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. In his chart-topping album ‘lovescene:,’ he explored the complexities of his love life, offering an unfiltered glimpse into his personal experiences while gracefully navigating the public eye. James’ “So Fire” is a captivating musical masterpiece that ignites passion and sets the groove in motion for an unforgettable summer soundtrack.

James’ journey began humbly with his participation in a reality TV show more than a decade ago and has since grown to encompass a diverse range of talents within the Philippine film and television industry. With his wealth of experiences and exceptional skills, he has soared to remarkable heights, channeling his passion for music into a thriving career.

Today, he stands not only as an acclaimed artist but also as the visionary founder of Careless Music, his very own music label. With full creative control, he produces his own songs, infusing them with his unique style and artistic expression. James has become an influential force in the music industry, cementing his status as a significant figure in the Philippine pop culture scene. With ‘So Fire,’ James continues his artistic evolution, delivering a highly anticipated anthem that showcases his versatility and exceptional artistry.

“so fire” by James Reid is available on all major streaming platforms. Listen to “So Fire” here: https://orcd.co/jamesreid_sofire

For updates on Careless Music and James Reid, please refer to the following social media accounts:

Careless Music Instagram | @carelessph Careless Music Twitter | @careless_ph
Careless Music Facebook | CarelessMusicOfficial James Instagram | @james
James Twitter | @tellemjaye James TikTok | @jamsred James Spotify | James Reid

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