From ‘Bad Boy Of Pinoy Cinema’ to number one Senator of the Philippines, Robin Padilla tells Korina: ‘Ako Ay Rebolusyonaryo’

“Dami ng tawa ng staff and crew ko sa interview na ito kay Senator Robin”, says multi-awarded broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas as she presents her next episode on Korina Interviews on NET25 this afternoon, Sunday, December 18 at 5:00 p.m.

I think these are questions never asked directly of Robin ever, or in a long time: Naka-ilan ka na?; Naging GF mo ba si Sharon Cuneta?; Nagalit ka daw kay Mariel nung binenta nya ang mga regalo mo sa kaniya?; Paano ka naging number one sa Senado?; and Faithful ka bang asawa?

Korina frankly asks Senator Robin all the questions you might think of in this tell-all one-on-one about the actor-politician’s childhood, early heroes, struggles in his showbiz career, stardom, his marriage to Mariel, and how he landed being number one in the Senate. 

Plus meron pang impromptu ukay-ukay moment! 

“You must watch this. It was quite difficult to get Robin to finally sit down and face the questions,” says Korina. 

Watch today’s episode of Korina Interviews – a much buzzed-about venue of real, candid talk, the Korina way. 

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