Nik Makino’ got all the right moves with ‘PAR-GAZM’

(Manila, Philippines) Just as the world works its way into a new normal, the Filipino music scene has found itself at the dawnof its new age. There is no stopping the creativity that has been burgeoning despite the lockdowns. A fresh crop of artists is serving up tunes that hit the sweet spot between sick beats, close-to-home narratives, and razor-sharp wit. At the front of the pack is HipHop and rap artist Nik Makino, as he releases his newest work – PAR-GAZM.

Makino sets himself apart with a collection of songs that reflects what he thinks what live sessions should be. Surrounded by friends and family in an inuman-type setting, he delivers a performance punctuated by his trademark humor and sleek style. He also ups the ante by collaborating with some of Pinoy HipHop’s most creative talent. Issa Loki joins Makino on Kagome, while Mike Kosa jams along on two tracks. On his carrier single Moon, he tapped Flow G – whose catchy beat made the song a certified viral hit.

Check out the full list of songs for Par-Gazm here:

1. Wal Wal – Nik Makino
2. Sipag Lang – Nik Makino ft. Shao Link
3. Alfonso Life – Mike Kosa ft. Nik Makino
4. Lakas Tama – Mike Kosa
5. Lexi – Nik Makino
6. Neneng B – Nik Makino
7. Kagome – Issa Loki
8. Moon – Nik Makino ft. Flow G
9. Kay Ganda – Nik Makino

Par-Gazm is now available to stream on Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

Dive deep into the life and music of Nik Makino by following him at @nikmakino on Instagram. Watch him live out the story behind his songs, as he takes you on this unique journey in pursuit of his dream. And for this rising star, he is just getting started – and the world is waiting.

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