Ben&Ben partners with ING Philippines for the bank’s 31st anniversary, talks about making the right decisions and inspiring others

One of the things that come into perspective now that we’re under a pandemic is financial security. Especially for me that income isn’t as regular as before, a lot of things need to be reconsidered when I spend. So, asking advice from people who are more knowledgeable is the best way to go.

Award winning folk pop band Ben&Ben partners with ING Philippines for its 31st anniversary with a virtual jamming session. But the banking company gave some of the media a chance to chat with the popular band prior to their session, which gave me a chance to ask them about financial security during the pandemic.

 You’re one of the bands that are inspiring people even outside the music industry, how do you make sure that your every move is the right move for you?

○ It’s a flattering position to be in, but there’s also a risk of being misinterpreted. I believe what grounds us in our decision-making when it comes to wielding our influence is that, above everything else, we must show kindness. And we hope our fans will follow our example.

 Now that we’re in a pandemic, what are your realizations about financial security?

○ Not simply boxing it in terms of finance or money, but as a whole, we realize through the pandemic how important it is to make the most of what we have, and really living the moment. Financially, it’s really about prioritizing your savings to prepare for the rainy days. We are happy that as a band, we help each other be more financially mature in our decisions.

Centred on theme of “You+ING”, with ‘you’ representing the various groups that showed their love and support to ING Philippines for the past 31 years, the bank marked its anniversary milestone with a series of surprises and online activations through their official social media accounts as well the online virtual event to connect with its clients, customers and colleagues.

Distance has never been an issue for the first purely online bank in the country. It was once again proven right as they delivered an intimate night of inspiring songs and stories in an entirely digital setting. Everyone and anyone was welcomed to join through various invitations spread all over social media, building up the excitement for ING Philippines’ big night.

Further anticipation was built as the participating fans from all over the country were greeted with a countdown as they entered the Zoom session. This was partnered with a video presentation that informed the audience about ING’s goal of providing its brand of frictionless online banking services to the Filipino people. As the clock ran out, no second was spared from giving the audience what they were there for: an up close and personal, albeit digital experience with one of the biggest musical performers in the country.

Ben&Ben kicked off the event in high gear with a performance of their song “Ride Home”, followed by official welcoming remarks from renowned sports journalist and host, Ceej Tantengco. ING’s Retail Branding and Communications Lead for Asia, Charlene Quah, was also in attendance. She gave the audience a brief background behind the brand’s 31-year journey in the Philippines, and its continuous goal of empowering individuals to “do their thing” which is also ING’s global tagline. In line with this, Ceej transitioned the focus to ask the members of Ben&Ben about their thing— their story, musical influences, and other interests they have on the side.

The rest of the evening was colored with performances of their biggest hit songs, “Araw-araw”, “Di Ka Sayang” and “Maybe The Night”. Games that tested the audience’s knowledge of Ben&Ben’s discography were also held, rewarding sharp-minded fans with ING’s “do your thing” kits delivered straight to their doorsteps. The event ended on high spirits knowing that people can look forward to more partnerships and offers that are still part of ING’s 31st anniversary celebration.

Watch our coverage of the media conference below:

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