#TruthInAction: Globe holds forum to help students fight fake news

As a staunch advocate of the fight against fake news, Globe brings together esteemed journalists from the country’s top print and online media to talk about the importance of being responsible digital citizens especially for young communicators amid the alarming proliferation of fake news. 

Globe partnered with the PANAF Foundation (Philippine Association of National Advertisers) to hold our forum entitled #TruthInAction where will talk about how important it is to combat fake news. This forum is scheduled tom, April 30, 10:20 AM to 11:05 AM. 

Be part of the event and watch the Livestream on https://www.facebook.com/PANAFYouthCreativityFestival.(https://www.facebook.com/PANAFYouthCreativityFestival/posts/224493856134811?_rdc=1&_rdr)

Globe aims to educate participants of this year’s summit about the risks of going digital and how they can become ambassadors of truth. The summit also aims to educate the youth about the characteristics of fake news, how to spot them and verify their veracity as well as inform the students about the objective behind spreading fake news, who benefits from it, how it spreads, the adverse effects of sharing false information, and most importantly, how to fight it

While Globe provides reliable and uninterrupted connectivity to its more than 80 million subscribers, it also takes on the responsibility of informing and warning people of the risks of the ever-innovating digital world.

Globe continues to conduct its Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP), a series of workshops designed to increase students’ knowledge of digital citizenship and cybersafety by taking a critical look at their online behavior and helping them develop insights into the influences of the online world and the choices they are making.

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