Filipino Nurse and Crooner Jojo Sebastian Wins in Australia’s Miss and Mister Diamond International Pageant

Nursing Unit Manager – Orthopedics of the Sydney Metropolitan Hospital, events host and concert performer Jojo Sebastian feels he is on seventh heaven right now after being proclaimed as the male victor in the recently concluded Australia’s Miss and Mister Diamond Pageant which was held at the Parliament House in Brisbane.

Miss and Mister Diamond International Pageant was established in 2016 by mother-daughter tandem Charlie and Morgan Mancini from Brisbane Australia. The five year old pageant is hailed as one of the prestigious pageant that happens in the continent Down Under with more than 50 candidates in competition since its inception.

Aside from the glitz and glamour component of the pageant, its community hero initiative is what makes it unique, The building and creation of programs for men and women of all ages are highlighted and implemented with the assistance of fund raising platforms and awareness creation for various causes that directly benefits the community. Also, the pageant celebrates diversity and individuality.

“Everything is still surreal to me,” begins the newly minted Mister Diamond. “’When I heard them calling my name as the winner, it felt like I was in a dream… a beautiful dream.”

He joined the contest because: “I never imagined myself being part of a pageant as a candidate. You know, I have been and continue to be the master of ceremonies of various pageant in the past 4 years. However, the calling to this time was quite a nagger, very adamant and strong. The major reason why I joined is because I know the title will help me in my advocacies and the charities I support. The title of course will add more premium to what I espouse and the title will help sway more people to believe and support the endeavors that I do.”

His competition game plan: “Being true to myself and enjoy it. My drive and passion just had an extra umph I guess that is why I was triumphant.”

Sebastian also credits the people who made his outfits during the fashionista and evening wear rounds: “My cape for the fashionista round was made by Blessing of Trendy designs. I had envision the cape and she made it into reality. The same for the formal wear. The leather cape was the beautiful work of Armando the same label launch a couple of years ago here in Sydney. I mentioned to him what I wanted and his execution of hence the leather cape during the evening wear competition was just divine.”

During his year-long reign, what excites Sebastian the most: “The opportunities that this title, this platform will bring to my advocacies which include community/volunteerism and fund raising events and charities for the Sydney Children’s Hospital amongst others.

Prior to his victory, Sebastian graced the cover of international Australian fashion glossies namely Model and Mode, In Life and with features and photo shoots in AGSA and Sassy.

Aside from his hospital work, forthcoming fashion photo shoots and editorials, and other media appearances, he promises in conclusion: “Expect that there will be more charity fundraisers that I will spear head. And hopefully, by the end of this year, a new musical alum gift for all.”

Without a doubt, this crooner from Down Under indeed shines even brighter as Mister Diamond International 2021.

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