Official Trailer for Upcoming Pinoy BL Series ‘Better Days’ Released

Are you ready for another boys’ love series from the Philippines? But let’s put a more Pinoy flavor as Unframed Film with Love John Media Productions and Uncle Scott Global Productions and in cooperation with Rough Road Productions, present ‘Better Days.’

Watch the official trailer of Better Days below:

During these most challenging times, we want to believe that there are greater things ahead of us. We, at Unframed Film Production along with the rest of the team, take great pleasure to share with you the full trailer of #BetterDaysBoysLove, an original Filipino BL series that focuses on love, hope, dreams and acceptance,” says its producer.

“Better Days” comes off as a love story between two young adults fueled by their common goals and dreams. But expect a lot of twists and turns as the story goes along.

Kian Nuestro (Chesther Chua), an aspiring vlogger, and Aron Villegas (Benedix Ramos), a promdi chef, took on a flavorful journey to revive the then-glorious restaurant runned by their fathers without realizing that their hearts are growing closer and closer as well.

For his first Boys’ Love series, Direk Carlo Obispo wanted to provide something inspirational. “Better Days won’t dwell too much sa intimacy but we are to highlight other aspects of love and relationship, not just in the physical attraction.

‘Better Days’ premieres October 30 on UnframedFilm’s YouTube channel.

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