Nikki Co Apologizes and Clarifies Wearing PPEs in Social Media Posts


Nikki Co
GMA Network artist Nikki Co (IG: nikkico_)

GMA Network artist Nikki Co is being bashed for his sexy post on his social media accounts for wearing PPEs in a time when frontliners of the current pandemic need it the most. But the actor/performer clarifies his post with an apology:

The GMA talent apologized for the insensitive post and explains that the PPEs he’s about to wear are his and his alone. Because he needs it when he accompanies his mother for her regular check up after she had undergone a kidney transplant.

His manager, Martin Bellosillo confirms this in his post regarding the issue surrounding Nikki Co now:

Hello and Hi! I am making a press release on the issue of my Elite son Nikki Co regarding about his post wearing a PPE. It has never been his intention to hurt other people especially on the Pandemic situation. Some people tried to bash him without knowing his situation. Actually the PPE came from me which he would be needing it for the hospital frequent check up of his mom. Two PPE were purchased for him and his mom. His mom has undergone Kidney Transplant and she has to visit the hospital every now and then for regular check up. I am making this press release to stop all allegations that some bashers are pointing out. Everyone is entitled to buy such personal protective equipment. There is no such rule that only frontliners will be wearing such protective gear. He had flagged down the picture in all his social media accounts and apologize in his Twitter account. It is my duty as a manager to make some clarifications on this matter… Thank you and God Bless! Keep safe Everyone!

The PPEs are actually from Nikki’s manager. Two sets of PPEs, one for Nikki and one for his mother.

This comes as a lesson for both sides. Maybe it’s not the best time to post something about wearing PPEs on social media now but just because we know him as an artist, we should assume that he doesn’t need it. We can always ask first before we judge a person.

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