JBK’s Latest Single ‘Anestisya’ Touted Ultimate Hugot Song Yet

Millennial trio JBK closes 2019 with a winner in “Anestisya.” Less than a week after its release, the song has stormed into the playlists of top FM stations, including Win Radio, Wish, MOR and Barangay LS. The last mentioned station even declared it one of the “most wanted” songs today.

“Anestisya” is written by Yman and produced by Lester Ramos for Rider PH Studios.

Watch the official lyrics video of Anestisya below:


“We’re blessed that Lester and Jojo chose us to record the song. ‘Anestisya’ shows how many guys often opt to hide the pain of heartbreak because they think it’s the manly thing to do. Go to any bar and by midnight, he who laughs loudest is likely saddest of them all,” said JBK members Joshua Bulot, Bryan del Rosario and Kim Ordonio. 


JBK gave pride to the Philippines by becoming first Pinoy group to enter the semi-finals on “X-Factor UK” in 2017.

“Anestisya” is available on Spotify and other digital music platforms. The lyrics video is available exclusively on Rider PH Studios YouTube channel.

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