Kyline Alcantara Hints at Next Project After ‘Inagaw na Bituin’

Bida or Kontrabida? La Nueva Kontrabida Kyline Alcantara has already a project waiting for her after her afternoon soap opera ‘Inagaw na Bituin’ and the word “star” has something to do about it.

Kyline Alcantara Inagaw na Bituin

But we asked Kyline having the chance to play a bida (protagonist) role, which one does she prefer? Well, she trusts GMA Network and GMA Artist Center in deciding what’s best for her but she confesses that playing kontrabida (antagonist) roles gives her more satisfaction, it gives her passion for her craft more fuel.

Know more about her experiences in ‘Inagaw na Bituin’ and what to expect from her after the afternoon show on the videos below:

What show do you think she will be in?

Kyline Alcantara can also be seen in the Sunday variety shows Sunday Pinasaya and Studio 7. She will also star in the movie ‘Black Lipstick’ which will open in cinemas soon.

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