Japanese Businesswoman Naho Oue Loves Pinoy Culture, Wants to Try PH Showbiz to Boost Her Advocacy

Naho Oue is a successful businesswoman from Japan who falls in love with Pinoy culture.

One thing she knows for sure, she loves helping the poor kids in Tondo.

Japanese beauty already got that purpose in life—helping even though no one is seeing. She feels that and lives the paradigm of service.

She shares, “When I first came here, I went to the slums of Tondo and Smokey Mountain area, I instantly fell in love with the kids there. I do feeding programs about twice a month if I’m not busy. I am just a conduit of people who wanted to help.”

A kind, loving woman who extends her hands to people, all kinds of people. As soon as the day ends, she feels the fulfillment. It’s something that fills her soul, her energy.

As we sitdown with her, Naho excitedly announces that she’s opening a restaurant and stem cell clinic here in the Philippines.

“I do have plans of putting up a restaurant as I already have one in Japan. Maybe in Malate or Trinoma if it happens. Maybe for now while I am waiting for spaces to be available I’ll go put up before Christmas season. Same with the Stem Cell and the regenerative center which I hope will happen soon,” she says.


She’s so charming and has that quirky personality that best fits TV commercials. She represents the kind of Ryan Bang brand but as a Japanese woman.

The single mom finds Vice Ganda funny. She likes Ryan Bang. But her ultimate dream—is to meet Daniel Padilla. She loves Daniel so much.

“Sobrang gwapo,” she laughs.

TV or the showbiz itself will help her continue her advocacy. She wants to use TV as force for good. And Philippines is her new home.

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