Joyce Pring Gets a Sweet Surprise on the Launch of Her Single ‘Baka Sakali’

The invitation was for the launch of Kapuso host Joyce Pring’s newest single. It was also my first time to go to Museo de Padilla. So, when I arrived at the venue, I’m really puzzled as to why the grand set up.

We went in, ate and waited for the event to start.

I have no idea Joyce Pring was a singer. All I knew was she was a DJ before she started hosting for GMA. So when she sang her original song ‘Baka Sakali’ to the media and to her friends present at the launch, I was really impressed. Not just by her voice but also by the song. She shared that she co-wrote ‘Baka Sakali’ with Rivermaya’s Rico Blanco and it was a breeze process from writing to arranging to recording it.

Watch her talk about her song ‘Baka Sakali’ below:

Maybe she was born to be a singer. And I won’t be surprised if she soar in singing as well.

So, yeah. We discovered the singer that is Joyce Pring. But also, one of the highlights of the night was the surprise debut party for Joyce. She’s celebrating her 26th birthday the day after, May 4. And as shared to us that she didn’t get the chance to have a grand debut on her 18th birthday, why not have it now, right?

So, she had 10 gifts instead of 18. And of course, the 10 roses. JuanChoyce fans would be happy about what happened. Watch it below:

But are Joyce and Juancho officially a couple now? Joyce answer might be “very millennial,” saying does it matter. But I do get her. The two are enjoying each other’s company and their affection for each other is bigger than a label.

Watch her answer below:

‘Baka Sakali’ is now available on for download and streaming on Spotify and other streaming websites worldwide. You can also catch Joyce Pring on ‘Unang Hirit,’ the digital newscast ‘Stand for Truth’ and soon on the second season of the singing competition ‘The Clash.’

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