Aiai delas Alas is Siomai King’s New Queen

Another blessing has been given to comedy queen Aiai delas Alas.

From Comedy Queen to the Queen of Siomai King as she is now officially an endorser and franchisee of the 800+ and growing branches of the first and original siomai food cart that offers 5 pieces siomai in one serving.

Some say that four pieces siomai is not enough for a Filipino tummy and five pieces is the right number of siomai per meal. And Aiai seem to can’t get enough of Siomai King’s Hong Kong Siomai, which is composed of pork and garlic. Other variants are Chicken Siomai, which is made of pure meat without extender, the Shanghai Siomai is composed of pork and veggies and the Japanese Siomai is what you can also call “seafood” flavored siomai.

Aiai’s first franchise will be placed in Puregold, Paso de Blas in Valenzuela City.

Watch our video coverage of her contract signing below:

For more information, you can go to:

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