‘Dragon Lady’ Pilot Episode Review: A Promising Start

‘Lady Dragon’ pilot episode explores a new Chinese myth and is a promising start of an enthralling fantasy drama series.

I was invited to the pilot preview of GMA Network’s latest fantasy drama series ‘Lady Dragon.’ Now, while the title might sound like something like Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ it’s not. It’s actually more literal to its title than you would expect. But we only had the chance to see the first episode, so I haven’t seen what the “Lady Dragon” would be.

So, the first episode. Firstly, the series is directed by Paul Sta. Anna, the same guy who helmed the top-rating afternoon series The Stepdaughters starring Megan Young and Katrina Halili. I was also impressed by the pilot episode of that series because it’s a character-driven story. And that goes for ‘Dragon Lady’ too.

Bea Binene drives the first episode of ‘Dragon Lady’ into a roller coaster ride. We’re introduced to a hopeful character Almira, a lady with hopes and dreams of becoming wealthy to end her, I cannot fully say difficulties because she sees the world positively, but I guess to have a better life not just for herself but for the people she loves.

Naive as she may be, she goes through life taking one step at a time. But then she falls in love, and she didn’t know everything will change from then on.

It’s a great material for Bea Binene, Derrick Monasterio and Kristoffer Martin to transition from “tweens” to adult. Though the series has a fantasy element, their characters are written as true as you can picture a person can be. Their up for the challenge of playing characters they’ve never portrayed before. And the product is great.

But what I noticed most about ‘Lady Dragon’ is its production. It does not only look pleasing to the eyes, everything just seem real.

Everything in the pilot episode of ‘Lady Dragon’ is a promise that the viewers will have more than what they expect from an afternoon series. That aside from the formula of a successful GMA Afternoon Prime show, they’ll also learn from it – more about the Fil-Chinese community and the myths surrounding them.

‘Lady Dragon’ starts March 4 on GMA Afternoon Prime, after Eat Bulaga. It stars Janine Gutierrez, Tom Rodriguez, Joyce Ching, Edgar Allan Guzman, Diana Zubiri, James Blanco, Maricar de Mesa, Julia Lee and Odette Khan with special participation of Bea Binene, Kristoffer Martin and Derrick Monasterio. Under the direction of Paul Sta. Anna.


Watch Joyce Ching and Julia Lee answer questions from bloggers and fans during its pilot preview:

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