SPVTOP Products are Here to Make Life Easier

They have something for our homes, for our mobile phones, they have something for our vehicles, they have something for the crops and they even have something to help our children be the best they can be.

Last January 19, 2019, we were introduced to a line of products that aims to help its customers in being efficient, effective and just to do more with their daily lives. Check out the products of SPVTOP International, approved by actors Ricardo Cepeda and Marina Benipayo, at their website – https://www.spvtopmarket.com/


From what we saw during the media conference, what got my interest are the G-Patch where a sticker or patch can help reduce electicity, then there’s the G-Minds which was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. But the product that maybe for all, the one that is helpful to everyone is the G-Webphone app (now available in android, soon in iOs). Check out how you can call and text a landline or cellphone for FREE:

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