Aiai delas Alas Now on Her Fourth Year with Hobe, Reveals Which Dish She’ll Cook for President Duterte

Philippine Comedy Queen Aiai delas Alas just renewed her contract with Hobe Philippines (Marikina Food Corporation). She’s now on her fourth year as the endorser of the first bihon company to receive HALAL Accreditation in the Philippines.

So why stick with Hobe Bihon? Because of trust and effectiveness. The growth of the consumers who are buying Hobe products have increased three times when dellas Alas became the face of their products. They’ve also managed to expand their products to not just pancit but also merienda snacks like Chick-boy Pop Nik snack and Tita Dely’s Classic Filipino Snacks.

What would Aiai delas Alas Cook for our President Rodrigo Duterte?

At the media conference for her contract signing, she was asked what she would cook for our president Rodigo Duterte. She answered other than Hobe Pancit, she will do her research on what dish our president loves to eat.

Check out photos from the contract signing of Aiai delas Alas with Hobe Philippines president Bobby Co.

Aiai Hobe (1)

Aiai Hobe (2)

Aiai Hobe (3)

Aiai Hobe Movies

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