More in the Future from the Boys of Top One Project & JBK

Two boy bands, two different sounds. Both discovered thru reality shows, Top One Project and JBK are true testaments that OPM is alive.

Watch them perform their original songs “Nasa Dulo” and “Letting You Go.”

TOP ONE PROJECT. Composed of Miko Manguba, Mico Cruz, Adrian Pascual, Joshua Jacobe and Louie Pedroso, the five young men are not just good singers but also writers. Their newest single, Nasa Dulo is composed, arranged and produced by their very own members.

What’s to look forward from them? Well, after Nasa Dulo, TOP members are already planning on releasing their next single and is working on an album  which is about 90% original, 10% covers.

Talking about covers, we asked them to do a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect impromptu. Watch it here:

JBK. The boy group who earned their fame when they joined the international reality contest, The X-Factor. But they feel lucky and grateful for the support from GMA that they signed on with them. Then, their song Letting You Go became the official soundtrack of the Korean series Romantic Doctor.

Their working on their music and is happy performing on TV and other venues but the trio is actually open to acting. One of their members, Bryan is part of the new team behind the musical Rak of Aegis.

Know more about the members in the video below:

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