Best legacy of Comedy King Dolphy: his kids

KORINA Interviews scores a major casting coup with the three sons of Comedy King Dolphy: Eric Quizon, Epy Quizon and Vandolph!

It has been 10 years since Pidol’s passing and his children are continuing his legacy in comedy.

Vandolph denies that Panchito is his father; Eric admits that he’s a control freak; and Epy could not decide if he is proud that he is a carbon copy of his Dad.

Paano ba maging anak ng isang alamat sa showbiz? Parati bang may punchline sa bahay? Paano sila kumawala sa anino ng Dad nila para sa sarili nilang career?

All this and a lot more laughs with the Quizon Brothers of gag show Quizon CT on Korina Interviews this Sunday, February 12, 5pm right after Goodwill!

Not to miss!

And for the best of all Korina Interviews with Chavit Singson, Piolo Pascual, Vicki Belo, Karen Davila, Sylvia Sanchez and more — you can always watch it On Demand on Korina’s YouTube Channel Rated Korina at

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