All Systems Go for the Newest TNVS in the Philippines – HYPE

Finally, a new competitor in the ride-hailing service department will arrive soon and what’s even better about it is it’s 100% Filipino owned! Yes, HYPE‘s major shareholders Mr. Nicanor Escalante, and Retired Admiral Danilo Cortez and minority shareholders, Ms. Jennifer Silan Mr. Nicanor Codorniz Jr and Ms. Mitchell Matias are all Filipinos.

But what are the things we need to know about HYPE? What the video below:

“Approved fare rate is very competitive. Dalawa lamang ang aming rate components – one is the base rate which is P40 and second is per kilometre charge of P14. No per minute charge, no other hidden charges. If the demand is higher than the available supply, the surge is approved by the LTFRB, but that surge is limited up to 2x,” Nicanor Escalante, Hype’s President and CEO.

On the driver/operator side, even though the fare is competitive for its passengers, Hype also made its commission structure competitive for the drivers and operators. We made it in such a way that Hype will get a maximum of 20% to a 5% as its lowest, depending on the number of trips.

No Internet? The Hype application is user-friendly. You can still book even if there are no internet connection via SMS/text. The system is designed to directly connect its user to its SMS-option if there are no internet connection. So even if you’re in the farthest reaches of Metro Manila which doesn’t have an internet connection, you can still book a ride via the Hype app. Best thing about it is that texting Hype is free of charge.

Security. For security purposes, the app also comes with an SOS or panic button in case of an emergency. The button will automatically connect to Hype’s 24/7 customer service. You can also reach Hype thru SMS, Call, e-mail or their website for customer service.

Cancellation. For now, the drivers can still see the destination of the passengers but Hype will be strict when it comes to drivers cancelling rides. A maximum of three cancellations from the driver and these drivers will be penalized or blocked from using Hype. No cancellation fee for now, but it won’t be as high as P100.

Payment Options. Passengers can pay thru cash, credit card online and credit card payment thru POS and QR code payment.

Hype already has its accreditation from the LTFRB. By May 19, the system will be downloadable by everybody and by May 27, Hype Transport System will have their grand launch at the SMX Convention Center beside SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

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