Sofia Gonzalez Romualdez Releases New Single “Thinkin’ of U”

Being able to write and perform your own songs at only 18 years old isn’t surprising, but being able to write and perform really good and catchy songs at 18 is something recording studios should notice.

We were invited at the launch of Sofia Gonzalez Romualdez’s new single titled 
Thinkin’ of You
and as to our surprised, we left the event with her music stuck in our heads. Watch her perform her newest single Thinkin’ of You below:

Passionate about music since she was a little, Sofia has ventured our the music industry at a young age. “[Music] was always in me, there was never really a time where it wasn’t my passion. I never really saw myself doing anything else besides music growing up.” At a young age,she tried her hand at songwriting, inspired by her musical influences.

Hobby turned into passion. The 18-year old musician isn’t thinking anything out of making music for now, she doesn’t think about her being a star. She just wants to make music, and her parents support her all the way.

For now, she’s still busy with releasing her single and in time, an extended play album of all her singles will be released. Apart from Thinkin’ of U, you can also hear her song “Pikit Mata” which was one of the official soundtrack of FanGirl FanBoy starring Ella Cruz and Julian Trono.

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