The Unlikely Friendship of Three Girls Begins in “The One That Got Away”

May the best ex wins! GMA Network’s latest romance comedy series The One That Got Away brings in the sexyness and quirkiness of its female stars Rhian Ramos, Max Collins and Lovi Poe and the charm of Dennis Trillo.

The One That Got Away

We were fortunate to be invited at the exclusive screening of the pilot episode of The One That Got Away and to put a cherry on top of that, we were joined by TOTGA stars Lovi Poe, Rhian Ramos, Max Collins, Nar Cabico and Dennis Trillo, who will also see the episode for the first time.

Fate has been playful to Alex, Darcy and Zoey, bringing these three girls together as they are connected with one man. A man who’s been romantic with them in the past.

The One That Got Away showcases the comedic side of Rhian Ramos, Lovi Poe and Max Collins who have been doing drama shows most of the time. It’s like they fit perfectly to how the characters were written. Rhian, Lovi and Max are those friends we have that does not back down in competitions, and is both hilarious in succeeding and failing.

The show could also be titled the crazy ex-girlfriends because everything just hilarious. We will definitely identify these characters to those who are crazy in love, crazy for love. Crazy for family and crazy for work. They are written as if they are our friends, our families, or even ourselves.

The One That Got Away is another interesting and fun GMA Network series. One that does not need to make the audience cry or present something suspenseful but just entertain through its story. It’s light, funny and charming. And I’m not just talking about the story but also the cast. We’ll see Ramos, Poe, Collins and Trillo portray characters that are put in awkwardly hilarious situations and get to be entertained as the characters’ stories unfold as the show starts until it ends.

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