Sexy Drama Series D’ Originals is More Than Just Mistresses and Catfights

There is something for everyone as the cast and director of GMA Network’s newest afternoon drama comedy series D’ Originals pointed out. It’s not just about the wives, the husbands and their mistresses, it’s about families and women and the reason why men cheats and why women allow themselves to be the mistresses.

Starring Jaclyn Jose, LJ Reyes and Kim Domingo as the original wives, the story revolves around the hilarious story of three wives and their tussles with the three women who disrupt their quiet domestic lives.

Jestoni Alarcon will play the husband of Jaclyn Jose, Mark Reyes to LJ Reyes and Archie Alemania to Kim Domingo. The mistresses will be played by Katrina Halili, Lovely Abellea and Meg Imperial.

Upon asking, director Adolf Alix, Jr says that the series will explore the grey areas of these stories, that even though you are a mistress, you’re not a bad person, each situation is more complicated and there’s a reason why these mistresses do what they do, but, the values are still there, at the end of the day, if someone is committed to another, they’re married, having a relationship with that person is wrong.

D Originals 01

He also mentioned that the series is a bit inspired by the viral videos of legal wives attacking mistresses in public, that the confrontations are tragic comic because you should feel sad about the situation but it also makes you laugh. But the root of it all is actually dramatic, that a family is being destroyed by another person’s happiness.

So, there. GMA Network and GMA News and Public Affairs is actually bold in presenting these stories on a bit lighter note, no revenge that leads to death or kidnapping storylines, just women and their men and how having a mistress affects each and everyone involved.

The comedy drama series also stars Mikoy Morales, Elyson de Dios and Arny Ross.

D’ Originals premieres on GMA Afternoon Prime on April 17.

For videos of the D’ Originals’ bloggers conference, you can go to our YouTube channel:

Here are some photos from the bloggers’ conference:

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