Gabbi Garcia Overwhelmed With Blessings

The 18-year old actress and host cannot contain herself, being overjoyed by the immense projects she’s been given. Not only a solo magazine cover, but also an international hair care brand commercial which will be shown in 10 countries.

Gabbi Garcia, currently seen on GMA’s hit primetime fantasy series Encantadia and the Sunday noontime variety show Sunday Pinasaya, is more than just a pretty face.

Chosen as Pantene’s Filipina Ambassadress, a dream come true for the Kapuso actress. And now, not just as a local endorser, Gabbi Garcia’s involvement with the product is beyond the limits of Philippine shores, making her name be seen in international teritorries alongside Holloywood singer and actress Selena Gomez, Ronda Rousey and Ellie Goulding to name a few.

Watch how she narrates her Pantene “Strong is Beautiful” journey here:

First time to set foot on Australia, being with the best crew that flew there just for her commercial, there is no denying that the project is huge. Garcia, even though her trip there was for work, felt like it was all an adventure, “It’s purely not work for me,” she stresses.

Watch the Pantene “Strong is Beautiful” advertisement featuring Gabbi Garcia here:

Another milestone for the young actress is being the solo cover of Preview magazine for the month of April.

“It’s like switching from the teeny bopper to mature levels. It’s like one step going there, getting there. The whole feature is classy, it’s sexy but it’s very classy. And it’s very high fashion. So, di ko naman masasabi talagang todo-todong sexy siya. It’s wholesome pa rin naman. And it only shows that I’m growing as an artist, I’m growing as a person. And that I’ve reached that point where I wanna be, I want to explore on something different, on something mature, a different side of Gabbi that ngayon lang maipapakita sa mga tao,” Garcia on her sexy magazine photos.

So, what does Gabbi Garcia wants to explore more in the future?

Her love for music.

Gabbi Garcia is indeed one of the youngest stars to look forward to in the coming years, from her acting projects to hostings, the girl is now a lady and is ready to take on more challenging and different roles GMA Network has for her in the future.

More on Gabbi Garcia’s interview on our YouTube channel:

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