Pinulot Ka Lang Sa Lupa to Re-Enact the Iconic Scene from The 1987 Movie

One of the most iconic scene from the 1987 film Pinulot Ka Lang sa Lupa will be re-enacted in the television series adaptation by GMA Network.


Angeli: “‘wag ka makaarte-arte na kala mo kung sino ka dahil sampid ka lang dito!”

Santina: “Hindi ba pareho lang tayo dito? PInulot lang sa lupa!”

This iconic scene was popularized by Maricel Soriano and Lorna Tolentino in the film directed by the great Ishmael Bernal and now, on afternoon TV, Julie Anne San Jose plays the role of Santina and LJ Reyes, Angeli.

For more detail, you can visit for articles, galleries and video clips centered around the program.

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