Will Derek Ramsay leave showbiz for the love of Ellen Adarna?

DEREK Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are so in love with each other!

This couple is truly a match made in heaven: they are both gorgeous, inspiringly fit, extremely business-minded, and very successful.

As everybody knows, award-winning actor Derek Ramsay is now married to actress and celebrity influencer Ellen Adarna-Ramsay — and on the latest episode of Korina Interviews, expect a ton of revelations from this celebrity power couple: Ellen: “I’m a spoiled brat…” Derek: “Showbiz can wait…”

Korina toured their beautiful home with their son Elias, and met all their pets (a parrot, their giant koi fish, and a new chinchilla named Arthur) —plus she discovered that their main living room sofa has an interesting “story” to tell.

To find out all the juiciest stories about Derek and Ellen, catch this must-watch episode on this Sunday’s Korina Interviews on NET25 at 5:00 pm, right after the Season 2 premier of the station’s returning comedy GoodWill.

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