TriFlouride releases their third single ‘Bloody Mary,’ to stream on digital platforms on May 19

Hiphop gets a new wave amongst the youth that’s taking over the world through a quiet storm. It’s animated, filled with gut-wrenching lyrics, full of energy, a groove like no other and a familiarity to the nature of gangster rap. Making a loud noise in the gang-affiliated dominated Manila Drill hiphop scene is TriFlouride – a rap trio composed of BL, Strict and Yung Youz.

Hailing from Carmona by way of Zamboanga, TriFluoride means to takeover the drill scene with their lyrics, music and their constant output for the community. What started out as young kids skating, playing video games, their common struggles and love for the music – TriFluoride is set to make waves for Drill Hiphop. Drill Hiphop speaks to the youth. It has its own dance moves, which if you know – is very inclusive, different from how the lyrics portray it and fun. Hiphop music’s freshness in the 80s, is this years Drill. It’s still about having fun and building with your community.

These kids speak their native dialect – Tausug; on their next tracks plus they rap in English and Tagalog. Showing their strength in relating to people and being a voice of a region south of the Philippines.

Last May 1, 2023 they launched their third single and music video “Bloody Mary” in Cirqua Makati to a packed crowd. Alongside them were their counterparts who opened for them – 4116, ES Fellas, GBG ZA, Lightskeen Baby, Macaria Hustla, Red Gang, Throwout Gang, Wuzgood Music all came to perform. Morobeats then came out to perform as well lead by Fateeha, JMara and Med Messiah. It was a gathering where we saw TriFluoride’s “Bloody Mary” music video for the first time directed by Matthew “Alex” Wojciechowski (The Strict Goose) with the brilliance of Eyad Sayeed of Cereal Clicker behind the camera and the crowd loved it! DJ Waffster, FR:(WN and DJ Vance provided the soundscapes for the night. The show was hosted by none other but Rekta Sa Kalye’s very own, Droppout. There were also sighting of Syke, J. Estacio from Hella Solid, Ghost Worldwide, STPHN and more just to show you these kids have a grasp of what they are about to become. The event was sponsored by The Hundred Percent, a local fashion & lifestyle brand.

Drill music is all about the energy and groove of the youth. “We find connection through Drill Hiphop and share the same bond with each other.” says Yung Youz. Times are changing – with hiphop as the current pop culture and we give this generation such control of their lives early on. With lyrics bent on getting your chick, how one is better than the other has always been a typical limerick in hiphop worldwide. For TriFluoride, their music helps them overcome their anxieties and project a new version of an old ‘the world is mine’ energy. It is important that the new generation of rappers find themselves ready to ride any wave, as BL would put it “I’ve done R&B songs before, but I fell in love with Drill – but we know how to adapt.” Pinoy hiphop will continue to surprise casual listeners but keep the die-hards optimistic.

TriFluoride has release songs “War”, “Macarena” and now “Bloody Mary” is distributed by Neumont Records. Bloody Mary will be out on digital streaming platforms starting May 19. You can check out their music videos on YouTube just search “TRIFLUORIDE”

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