Friendship, forgiveness and freedom: ‘GoodWill’ ends first season satisfyingly, teases second season

After eleven episodes, NET25’s feel-good family comedy ‘Goodwill’ ends its first season. And the secret’s out! Lloyd’s (David Chua) debt amounting to P10 million to Mr. Loan Lee and Mr. Pat Ting is now revealed to the other staff of GoodWill resort.

Aside from the usual antics of a Filipino sitcom or comedy show, GoodWill manages to send a message not just for the whole family, but also to everyone else. The season ender talks about friendship, forgiveness and freedom. How you value the friendship you have built with the people around you that they have also become your family, how forgiveness can open a lot more opportunities and space for trust and how freedom can give you the confidence to do what’s right.

The series showed the surprising chemistry of Chua and Devon Seron. And with comedy experts Kat Galang and Smokey Manaloto, the series showcased the talents of everyone in the cast whether they have past comedy projects or not.

But for the fans of the show, it seems that the series has more to squeeze from its story and characters as the finale also included a teaser for the second season with none other than award-winning journalist and producer of the show, Ms. Korina Sanchez-Roxas.

GoodWill stars David Chua, Devon Seron, Raymond Bagatsing, Smokey Manoloto, Kat Galang, Ryan Rems, James Caraan with special appearances by Marina Benipayo and directed by Ian Loreños.

Watch the full season finale episode below:

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