68-year-old Poker champ wins big in Masters Poker Club’s Php250K Mystery Bounty

MASTERS Poker Club continues its advocacy to promote poker as a mind sport as it celebrates the victory of veteran player, 68-year-old Lourdes Fernandez, who emerged as event champion of the club’s Php250K Mystery Bounty that was recently held in its Malate branch.

On her way to the top, Fernandez eliminated 6 players and collected their bounties amounting to Php 51,000 and took home another Php 42,000 as the event champion — bringing her total winnings to Php 93,000. Her years of experience proved too much for her competitors and truly shows that poker is a game of skill that requires dedication and consistency.

“Poker is a very challenging sport that sharpens the mind,” says Fernandez. “I feel so much pride to continue winning trophies at my age. It takes a lot of practice and training to excel in tournaments and the process is a like an effective therapy. Thanks to Masters Poker Club, the game is now elevated into a sport that anybody could excel in. In the end, all the training and practice paid off and it feels really awesome.”

Masters Poker hosts Php 88,000 Free tournaments every Saturday at 2pm to provide beginners a chance to learn the sport for free. They also have small buy-in tournaments ranging from Php 1,000-2,500 every Sunday at 3pm for players who want to take the next step in their skill development.

Masters Poker Club has a branch in Malate and is opening its newest branch in Biñan, Laguna along Governor’s Drive in April 2023.

For more exciting updates and information follow @masterspokerclub on Instagram and like Masters Poker Club on Facebook.

Watch her interview via Daily Tribune below:

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