Empowered Zsazsa to Korina: “I don’t need to get married anymore”

On her 40th year in showbusiness, singer-actress Zsazsa Padilla is living life on her terms.

 “Andaming pinagdaanan ni Zsazsa sa buhay nya. A beautiful and talented woman who did not have it all easy in life. But she survived and thrived. And now? She is empowered”, says Korina Interviews host Korina Sanchez-Roxas.

Watch Zsazsa as she reveals candidly about sensitive topics:

Nagtanan siya at naging young mother at 16 years old.

Ipinaglaban nya ang totoong hilig nya, ang pagkanta.

You and me against the world ang relasyon nila noon ni Comedy King Dolphy. Sobrang hirap.

Minsan niyang pinlano ikasal ulit. Pero ngayon, naisip niya na hindi niya ito kailangan para maging happy.

“It is a Zsazsa you don’t usually see on TV or in the movies. She hardly talks publicly about her life, but she did to me —- and you should hear what she has to say”, Korina recommends.

Kuwentuhang Kaibigan on Korina Interviews this Sunday, Feb. 19, on NET25 at 5 pm, right after the show Goodwill.

Meantime if you’ve missed any of the much-talked-about interviews, watch anytime, anywhere—- on demand—- on the YouTube Channel Rated Korina.

So far, 15 episodes and you can have the best of them in this episode below:

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