Gary V ‘Reenergized’ concert review: A music icon, his timeless songs and more

Falling in love again to the music from when he started. From ‘Heto na Naman’ to his praise songs ‘Shout for Joy,’ it made me realize some of his songs were my favorites growing up.

Photo credits: Manila Genesis

Performances were soulful may it be upbeat or ballad. You feel Gary V’s presence. The concert feels intimate, it’s as if he’s singing right in front of you. It’s just you and him and the music.

What I love about how Gary performs is that he doesn’t overdo the songs. You can hear the purity of every song, feel the emotions and they linger. I was closing my eyes at some of his songs, and those were beautiful moments.

Gary knows how to interact with the audience at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. In one instance, he mentions how he puffs and gasps for air during breaks and people would say, “kawawa naman siya.” And he answers, “tama.”

He also entertained requests from the audience, which some mention songs he already performed and jokes about it. One, asked for a Martin Nievera song, “Be My Lady,” impersonates Martin and made the audience laugh.

Audiences are very participative, whether the songs are slow or upbeat, you hear them sing along or clap with the beat. In the age where some audiences have short attention span, the concert

He’s maybe known as Mr. Pure Energy, but he’s more than just his moves. His ballads are heartfelt and timeless.

He’s turning 59 this August. Imagine, at 59 he can still move and groove. “Sana all,” right? But before the concert ends, before his final song, ‘Hataw Na,’ he reiterates that he does what he does not because people want him to do it but because he loves doing it. He loves to perform.

Gary V with Yeng Constantino and Kiana Valenciano at the Reenergized Concert. Photo Credits to Manila Genesis

It was a special night may it be for the couples or the singles, Gary V’s Reenergized concert brings you back to loving how live music is performed by an icon, doing his timeless songs.

Gary V’s Reenergized is a celebration of Mr. Pure Energy’s 39 years in the entertainment industry. Pinoy Dream Academy champion and pop-rock princess Yeng Constantino and his beautiful daughter and award-winning songwriter Kiana Valenciano are special guests. Gary V’s music director of over 30 years, Mon Faustino, joins the entourage. Directed by Paolo Valenciano.

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