OKBet launches new on-site betting stations

Sports-betting has become increasingly popular in the Philippines. To meet this growing demand, online sportsbook OKBet is expanding its services to include more traditional on-site gaming options.

OKBet recently launched two new on-site betting stations in Dexin Tower and Newport World Resorts in Pasay City, allowing customers to deposit, place wagers, and withdraw winnings in person. New OKBet users with online accounts may also secure on-site staff assistance to verify their accounts.

Going for the big bucks easily, securely

The expansion is expected to provide customers with a more social and exciting experience as they wade into opportunities to win big bucks. And to make the experience more enjoyable, bettors can watch live events and securely place bets with the on-site staff, along with other bettors hankering for a bit of flutter.

OKBet plans to roll out more locations across the country in the coming months, beginning in key cities of Metro Manila and Cebu City.

OKBet is one of the most popular sportsbooks in the Philippines, and duly licensed by PAGCOR. Dedicated to responsible gaming and support for the growth of world-class Filipino athletes, the company offers online betting services, allowing customers to place bets easily and securely. Additionally, OKBet provides a range of customer support services, advising and assisting customers with their betting activities.

Following its successful partnership with the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League, OKBet is determined to offer more innovative ways to serve its growing player base.

More information on OKBet is available via its official website, www.okbet.com.

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