From surviving the pandemic to providing jobs around the world, Wendell Ramos shares story of WenDeli Meathouse

From being a versatile, award-winning actor and now, a father, and now also an entrepreneur, Wendell Ramos never thought that one day, he’ll also be the one to sell goods for a living as he is used to being tapped as an endorser for products. But the pandemic changed everything. Work has stopped, especially the entertainment industry being one of the most hit by the pandemic, Ramos, through his wife, thought of a way to earn not just their family, but also for those who need job during this crisis.

“We’re offering the opportunity na pwedeng maging re-seller mga kapwa Pilipino, especially ‘yung mga nandun sa abroad. While working, instead of giving the money to our kapwa Pilipino, they can put up their own business. ‘Yun ‘yung purpose ng Wendeli, not just to sell but we’re offering distributorship and reselling business,” Wendell Ramos shares what his vision is for Wendeli Meatshop Global.

On how the meat shop business started, Wendell shares that it was because of his wife, “It all started in pandemic. It’s a small vision. Nag-start lang ‘to dahil maraming lumapit sa’kin nung pandemic, mabigat sa puso natin na kahit may naitabi ka, hindi mo lahat mapagbigyan. Sabi ko, ‘paano kaya ako makakagawa ng bagay na we can help them?’ eh tayo din, hindi natin alam hanggang kailan tayo. Dahil sa wife ko, nagkaroon siya ng frozen products. Nagpaalam lang siya then after one hour, she had this P2000. And that was during lockdown. Sabi ko sandali, anong meron? From our friend, nagkaroon ng drop off ng frozen products. So, dun ako nagka-idea. Meron akong network eh. So ang ginawa ko, I called iFranchise. So I asked for assistance and ‘yun, dun na nag-start lahat.”

Wendell Ramos with his wife and Children at the Wendeli Meathouse Global launch

So far, Wendeli Meatshop Global offers four products:

Wendeli Longganisa, Wendeli Beef Tapa (which also comes in different flavors: Original Tapa, Tapa Sweet, and Tapa Spicy), Wendeli Tocino and Wendeli Burger Patty.

All flavors of tapa and tocino are available in 500grams, 350grams and 250grams packaging, while the Longganisa and Burger Patty are offered in half kilo packs.

Check out videos from the Wendeli Meatshop Global launch below:

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page at and their Instagram at @WenDeli_Meathouse.

About Wendeli

Wendeli Meathouse was conceptualized in 2020 at the height of the pandemic lockdowns as a way to offer Filipinos an alternative source of livelihood for their families. It was built on a creative idea with the proven expertise of iFranchise Business Services Corporation and the Commissary Kitchen in the F&B industry.

The concept has quickly grown, with its array of high-quality ready-to-cook Filipino breakfast items that appealed to the market for both convenience and taste. From nationwide distribution, it has now become available outside of the Philippines to offer entrepreneurship opportunities on a global scale.

To ensure that all products are fresh and of good quality according to Philippine and international food safety standards, Wendeli has expanded its commissary operations, with dedicated staff for food preparation and quality assurance. This makes sure that the gourmet Wendeli Meathouse products you serve your family are always fresh and delicious.

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