NET25’s newest comedy series ‘Good Will’ combines humor with life lessons


During the pocket media conference of NET25’s newest comedy series ‘Good Will,’ producer and lead star David Chua shares that the show was conceptualized as not as a sitcom or just a comedy series, but also will impart life lessons every episode.

This is the first time David Chua will work with his leading lady, Devon Seron. When asked what was his first impression of her, “akala ko masungit siya.” But as they started their look test, he was proven wrong as Seron showed her professionalism and kind-heartedness.

More than the laughs and kilig vibes, the show also offers meaningful insights and valuable life lessons as it tackles issues and other life-changing dilemmas relevant to today’s millennial generation.

“Good Will” revolves around its main character, Lloyd Patawad, the rich, rebellious wayward son hellbent on chasing his rock-star dreams. Like most youngsters, he feels entitled and gets away with everything—well, almost—including his tangled and sordid affairs.

But his bad boy image is bound to get a makeover once he learns that he’s destined to inherit his mom’s sizeable fortune—including a resort, aptly named Good Will.

As it turns out, he only gets his fair share from his mom’s will as soon as he completes a set of challenges that test his mettle and fortitude, and which eventually transform his life for the better.

In the course of his journey, he encounters the odd mix of characters who run the resort, including the hard-to-get and snooty Sarah (Devon Seron), who will eventually have her change of heart as she gets to know her chinito antagonist.

Starring globally acclaimed award-winning actor Raymond Bagatsing, “Good Will” also features renowned comedians Smokey Manaloto, Kat Galang, Ryan Rems and James Caraan, and proudly introduces in his very first starring role, the new “Oppa ng Bayan” David Chua, whose last TV appearances include GMA-7’s Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune and ABS-CBN’s Love Thy Woman.

As Lloyd Patawad, David hopes to break new ground with his foray into comedy.

The sitcom also marks Devon’s much-awaited TV comeback and also features the participation of model-turned-actress Marina Benipayo.

Produced by ALV Productions, Viktory 8 Media and Dark Carnival Productions, “Good Will” is directed by Ian Loreños, with story concept/creative producers David Chua, Joma Labayen and Ian Loreños, headwriter Joma Labayen, and writers Don Santella, Kiko Abrillo, Aica Ganhinhin, and Motec Migallen. Original music by Edil Luyon.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. And with “Good Will,” it’s laughter, kilig feels and good vibes all the way!

“Good Will” premieres on NET25 on January 22, right before the show Korina Interviews. Mark your calendars and save the date.

Watch our coverage of the media conference below:

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