YB Neet has stories to tell and hip-hop is his medium

(Manila, Philippines) – While the world slowed down with the pandemic and the lockdowns, there was a young man who found his passion in Hiphop used this quiet time to fuel his love for rhythm, rhyme, and flow. Young Blood Neet, or YB Neet as he is known, may be a rookie, but he’s got stories to tell.

Just a mere two years in, YB has gained a reputation as among the top creative Filipino musical artists, thanks to his grasp of flow, lyricism and wit. Hiphop became his genre of choice because, in his own words, “Yun yung una kong nabuo na kanta. I tried doing R&B at iba-ibang kanta, pero dito siya nabuo,” he shared. Since then, he has become a sought-after collaborator in the Pinoy HipHop scene. Among the local artists YB looks up to are Omar Baliw, Flow G, and Al James, while on the international front, he enjoys listening to Lil’ Baby, and Roddy Ricch, to name a few.

Unlike some of the more common Hiphop themes that we are familiar with, YB chooses to take a more motivational route when it comes to his writing. He explains, “Sinusulat ko kadalasan pampagana, pampagaan ng pakiramdam. Pag pinapakinggan nila, kumakalma sila. Pag bad trip na sila, YB Neet.” Speaking truth to power is almost important to this young artist, as YB’s lyrics draw from his own life’s stories. “Kasi yun yung dinadaan ko. Mahirap magsulat ng kanta na di mo nadaanan o naranasan. Magtutunog pilit siya. I want to motivate, but it can’t be from out of nowhere. People won’t feel it,” is how he frames the whole process.

One of his biggest hits, Dem Dayz, which YB released on his birthday this past July, is proof of his writing style. It speaks of his humble beginnings, and how it takes a dream to make big things happen. The song, which he collaborated on with Ex-Batallion member Flow-G, has already reached over eight million views on YouTube. On his other single Di Matangay, YB worked with one of his idols, Omar Baliw. On his solo work, the groundbreaking single, Balaclava, is now at 1.7 million streams on digital and is continuously gaining traction four months post-release.​

In 2021, YB Neet wrote and released the album Big Ape, narrating the story of how he got his start as a young artist. His lyrics spoke of a vision of how he wants to live his life once he’s made it. He takes his listeners on a journey of a young man who transitions from just enjoying music to aspiring to be the next rap star, and doing what he can to make it happen.

His narrative starts with Alab ng Puso, where he talks about his motivations in pursuing his musical dreams. He talks about challenges and reasons to give up in Rason. In Quicksand, he riffs about pursuing music with uncertainties, hoping for direction and protection from God. Sariling Alon, he takes his stand to build his own identity, and finding his own groove. He comes full circle in Took A Risk and Rearview realizing that the challenges in life were all worth it because it drove him to try and try his best.

Right now, YB Neet has just completed his new set of tracks under the title Meta, which will be available this month.

Big Ape, along with YB Neet’s other singles, tracks and collaboration, is now available to stream on Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

Get an up close look at YB Neet’s life as an artist and musician via his posts and vlogs on Instagram (@youngblood.2kplaya) and YouTube (Young Blood Neet). YB takes fans and followers on a journey, as he brings you into the recordings, collaborations with other artists, hang-outs with his mates, and the inspirations he picks up along the way. At the core of it all, it’s all about music with a powerful message for this young artist.

If there is one thing that is for sure, YB Neet has a lot more to say, and HipHop is his medium. As he churns out rhythm and rhyme a mile a minute, this gifted artist is focused on leaving his mark in the music scene and the best is yet to come.

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